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Black Diamond Cobra Ice Tool

Black Diamond Cobra Ice Tool Black Diamond Cobra Ice Tool
from Oregon Mountain Community
List Price: $


The Black Diamond Cobra Ice Tool is a staple of hard ice leads and bold alpine routes. This year we?ve redesigned the shape of our legendary Cobra?s lightweight carbon fiber shaft to give it the most clearance of any of our tools without sacrificing balance or axis of rotation. The new silhouette also reduces the overall weight of the Cobra by over 100 grams. The carbon fiber shaft keeps the majority of the tool?s weight in the head. Carbon fiber also provides vibration-free placements with minimal flex, a damp, balanced swing and wrist-flick sticks. Over-molded and textured, a new, minimized rubber grip is integral to the Cobra?s lower shaft for a flush fit, positive control and a secure, precise grip. The optional integrated Android Leash can be added for hard ice climbing. Comes equipped with Laser Pick, removable Fang, Strike and your choice of Hammer OR Adze. Patented. Recommended Uses: Vertical Ice Mixed Alpine Cobra Features: Lightweight carbon fiber shaft CEN-T certified Flush spike/grip interface is easily driven into hard snow Laser Pick included Carbon fiber provides vibration-free placements with minimal flex, a damp, balanced swing and wrist-flick sticks Rubber grip Specifications: Shaft: Compound Bend, High Clearance Length: 50 cm Weight 702 g (1 lb 8.8 oz) w/Hammer or Adze

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Black Diamond Cobra Ice Tool by Black Diamond
The Cobra Ice Tool has been at the cutting edge of ice and alpine climbing for years, but, instead of sitting back on its laurels, Black Diamond decided to upgrade this tool for the next evolution. Keeping the same vibration-dampening carbon fiber...

Black Diamond Cobra/Viper Fang by Black Diamond
Strip that annoying leash off your Black Diamond ice tool and go leashless with the Cobra/Viper Fang. Not only does this removable plastic pommel allow you to ditch the dragonnes, it also protects your knuckles from ice-bashing pumped-arm swings that...

Black Diamond Cobra Ice Hammer by Black Diamond
Black Diamond Cobra Ice Hammer The ultimate all-around carbon fiber tool, the Black Diamond Cobra Ice Hammer provides an exceptional performance in leash-less mixed, ice and alpine climbing ventures. With a reduced weight and improved rigidity, the...

Black Diamond Cobra Ice Adze by Black Diamond
Black Diamond Cobra Ice AdzeTrekking hard ice leads and bold alpine routes with the Black Diamond Cobra Ice Adze. Modularly designed, it features a stainless steel weight in head for damp and accurate strikes. The head includes a CEB-B certified Laser...

Black Diamond Cobra/Viper Android Leash by Black Diamond
Clip the Black Diamond Android Leash to your Cobra or Viper ice tool to increase security on long pitches of vertical ice, and unclip easily when you desperately need to place a screw. This isn't one of those works-only-in-the-warm-and-dry-shop...


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